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ZERAMEX® "Der neue benchmark" in oral implantology

In Europe dental professionals have been using ZERAMEX®ceramic implants for over a decade. Zeramex Australasia is now bringing this breakthrough in 100% metal-free ceramic implantology to Australia and New Zealand so that you too can now benefit from this innovative medical modality. Already CE and FDA approved, ZERAMEX® ceramic implants are now TGA and Medsafe registered so your dentist / oral implantologist can now offer this versatile treatment option to keep you smiling. ZERAMEX® 100% metal-free ceramic implants offer the same durability, flexibility and versatility as titanium implants WITHOUT the risk of corrosion, unsightly metal margins and dark shadows through the gums. Recent published research is also raising concerns about the potential biological impact of metals in the body, including titanium. See the difference below:

ZERAMEX® Ceramic vs Titanium

Which do you prefer ?

Dark shadows of titanium through the gum

Even in this otherwise excellent result the two titanium implants on the central incisors are betrayed by the dark shadow above the crowns.

Exposed titanium by receding gums

Combination of dark shadows through the gums, bone loss and gum recession causing an unsightly situation.

Upper right: Ceramic | Upper left Titanium

Even when the gums recede, ceramic implants look natural. The upper right has been restored with ceramic implants vs titanium on the left.

Ceramic implant - great looking gums

ZERAMEX® XT on the upper left incisor. The gums look the same on both the natural incisor on the right and the incisor with ZERAMEX®.

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