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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Common questions about zirconia implants

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Titanium implants work well for me, why should I change and use Zeramex Implants?

While titanium implants have a proven track record of osseointegration, versatility, flexibility and reversability, they also present significant issues regarding aesthetics, periodontal tissue health, corrosion as well as new evidence of potential systemic problems associated with titanium.   ZERAMEX® high strength and high performance ceramic implants have all the advantages of titanium implants without the disadvantages. You owe it to yourself to begin to use ZERAMEX® implants and experience for yourself and your patients the significant benefits derived from using the new benchmark in dental implantology.

I have heard that ceramic implants are prone to fracture and do not last very long, is that accurate?

With regards to ZERAMEX® ceramic implants it is not accurate to say that. There has been incredible development and research in zirconia ceramic over the last 15 years. Dentalpoint AG has made multiple technological breakthroughs. ZERAMEX® implants made of ATZ ceramics are stronger than titanium implants. They osseointegrate as well as titanium implants and evidence shows that they last with an excellent success rate of approx. 98% 

Why is there a lack of long term studies with zirconia implants compared to titanium?

Simply said titanium implants have been around for over 5 decades whereas zirconia implants less then 2 decades, however there is very good data going back to 10 years showing excellent results with zirconia implants of the earlier generation. ZERAMEX® are the most advanced ceramic implants with features that were not available previously, for even greater clinical flexibility and overall success.

As dentists we have been told by the International Titanium Association that titanium's biocompatibility is head and shoulders above other materials, because it is absolutely inert in the human body and immune to attack from bodily fluids. Is that accurate?

No. Such claims are not supported by the evidence. In fact titanium does corrode in contact with bodily fluids as well as other substances found in the oral cavity and it is far from inert. As more research is done, more evidence of adverse effects are being demonstrated, including increased risks for peri-implantitis. ZERAMEX® Ceramic Implants have superior physico-mechanical and biological properties.

For more information see Titanium & Peri-implantitis.

I know zirconium is a metal, like titanium, so what is the advantage of zirconium implants over titanium implants?

Well, we do not know because ZERAMEX® implants are NOT made of zirconium. They are made of ATZ ceramic  (Alumina Toughened Zirconia). The presence of one single element in a compound does not determine it's properties which are the result of the combination of all the elements in that compounds. For the same reason that table salt (NaCl) is neither a toxic gas (Cl=chlorine) or a reactive metal (Na=sodium), ATZ ceramic is not a metal (Al=aluminium, Zr= Zirconium) or a gas (O=oxygen). It is a unique ceramic compound with excellent physico-mechanical and biological properties totally different than titanium.

I do not like one piece implants, that is why I like titanium implants in two parts. Does ZERAMEX®has anything to offer me?

Definitely, You like the two parts titanium implants ? You will love ZERAMEX® implants. The ZERAMEX® XT offers the same benefits that you are used to with your titanium system and more while the ZERAMEX® P6 has the proven Straumann design and will work with the same surgical instruments as well as the guided surgery protocol.

Where are ZERAMEX® implants manufactured?

ZERAMEX® implants are made in Switzerland with Swiss precision and superior quality using the most advanced techniques such as HIP (Hot Isostatic Pressing) and materials such as ATZ ceramic and high performance carbon fibre-reinforced high-performance peek (VICARBO®). Quality control of all incoming raw materials as well as CT scanning of all abutments and implants insure superior quality and performance of every ZERAMEX® implants with patented technology from Dentalpoint AG.

If zirconia implants are so good, why is titanium still the preferred material of a majority of dentists?

Good question! When the majority of dentists learn about the latest research they will adopt ZERAMEX® ceramic implants. A similar situation has occurred with dental amalgams. Initially a majority of dentists liked amalgam and were skeptical of composite restorative materials because of their lack of long term track record and claim of poor clinical performance.... We all know what happened with that one! Once you have tried ZERAMEX® Ceramic Implants you will love them and not look back! The Future: Naturally, White.